Digital Dental Studio Services

We offer all-digital, digi-log, and analog fixed crown, bridge, veneers, and implant restorative solutions. We are know for our personal and individual attention to detail for each client and patient we serve. Call today to schedule your first case, or in-office consultation meeting, and experience the difference of our personalized service.

  • Traditional Crown and Bridge

    Everyone knows the saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” For over 30 years our team has provided high quality traditionally fabricated Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers from VPS impressions, and as you all know, the VPS impression is known as the “clinicians signature”.

    Likewise, we believe clean modelwork and attention to detail in the little things is a technicians signature. This is why we don’t cut corners, even on modelwork.

    Traditional Crown and Bridge
  • Digital Dentistry

    At Northstar Dental Studio, we have been working with digital impressions for nearly a decade. It is the future, and we are excited to partner with clinicians on their journey of digital integration into their practice.

    From a digital impression we can provide:

    • Digital smile design
    • Crown and bridge
    • Implant restorations
    • 3D Printed diagnostic models
    • 3D Printed or Milled Shell Temps

    From a digital impression and a CT Scan:

    • Implant surgical guide

  • Guided Surgery

    For guided surgery we have partnered with Minnesota Dental Lab, an expert in guided surgery with over 5000 cases planned. They offer 2day turn around guides with quick convenient web meeting approval. They do the planning and we handle the final prothstetic after integration. If all-on-X conversion is needed, please call to confirm details.

  • Consulting

    Patrick has been consulting with clinicians for over 10 years and helping patients work through their specific desires in cosmetic dentistry with macro photography, analog and digital diagnostics, and listening to their “dental story”.

    In lab or office consultations available by appointment Monday-Thursday.