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Dental Ceramic Process

Dental Zirconia is a ceramic material that comes in many different strengths (700-1250Mpa), shades, and transparency ranges. It can come “pre shaded” in the millable puck or unshaded(white) and then the color applied by dipping or brushing on color that infiltrates into the chalk-like “green state” zirconia. Most zirconia used in our lab is of the highest quality, Mulit-Layered(shade gradient), and pre shaded pucks. It is milled/cut out of 98mmx16mm – 98mm x 25mm blanks by a specialized 5axis dental mill using various diamond coated carbide cutters.

It’s then hand tooled a bit, placed in tray, and run on a 8-10hr sintering program where the oven reaches temps over 3000 degrees fahrenheit. After it is cooled, shape and fit aspects are checked and hand tooled.

Next, the zirconia is stained and glazed to give it a glossy look with enhances color/shading to look more natural. In some instances like for the PFZ product, dental porcelain is then applied by brush and fired multiple times for the highest aesthetic demands.

Lithium Disilicate(GC Lisi Press) Description: It comes in a ceramic ingot form and has a strength range of 400-520Mpa depending on thickness. Each ingot has a different shade, translucency, floresense, and opalescence. This material is selected when high aesthetics and a chemical bond to the silica is desired during the clinical bonding process. It’s most popular for Veneers and Anterior tooth borne crowns in Smile Designs.

Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate All Ceramics


Our most popular full contour zirconia restoration with beautiful translucency. Can be used for economical anterior smile designs as well as standard posteriors. Suitable for 3 unit bridges in anterior.


High strength zirconia mainly used in bridge frameworks and for layering high esthetic anterior bridges, or buccal porcelain layering in posterior.


Full Contour Highest strength zirconia for patients with bruxism habits, lower clearance restorative situations, long span bridges.


High esthetic fully or minimal layered zirconia substructure used in all restorative situations where expectations are high. Suitable for all situations except bruxism patients.

Lisi Press Full Contour

GC Lisi Pressable(lithium disilicate with HDM Tech) ceramic stained and glazed. We have moved to GC Lisi Press(R tm symbol) because of it’s optical brilliance and scientific properties that have proven it to be higher strength(500mpa) and less fluid soluble. Suitable for smile designs, veneers, and anterior/posterior singles.

Layered and Custom Layered LisiPress

when highest demands for natural smile design and veneer cases are required. Patients will be “wowed”. Suitable for smile designs and layered veneers. Buccal cut back posteriors.