Ceramic, Implant & Cosmetic Products

We provide ceramics, implants, and cosmetic planning for your dental practice. At Northstar Dental, we create natural smile designs digitally.

  • C&B All Ceramics

    Dental Zirconia is a ceramic material that comes in many different strengths, shades, and transparency ranges. It can come “pre shaded” in the millable puck or unshaded(white) and then the color applied by dipping or brushing on color that infiltrates into the chalk-like “green state” zirconia.

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  • Implant Solutions

    Implant abutment(s) or screw retained bridge are designed CAD software and manufactured in-house or sent to a certified milling center and manufactured there. After bench tooling and hand touch, the ceramics are applied to the tooth portions, and cemented together. The dentist then inserts the abutments/screw retained crowns/bridges into the dental implant(s), torques the screws, and seals up the holes with composite.

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  • Cosmetic and Implant Planning

    With new digital capabilities we are able to pre-plan any implant, cosmetic, or full-arch implant hybrid case. This 3D planning is much faster and in most cases more accurately transferred into the final prothstetic. This process provides an exceptional patient experience and “Wow” factor.

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  • 3D Printing

    We have recently invested in the highest accuracy 3D printer for your C&B modelwork, diagnostics, temps. We can print any STL file and most IOS files.

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