What is DSD (digital smile design)?

Digital smile design is the 3D Modeling of a patient’s new smile before any restorative work is made to optimize the smile for the patient.

Learn more-3D Smile Design PDF viewer


This is incredibly advantageous for patients as it gives them the power to choose how their smile looks and the restorations follow accordingly.

Additionally, it gives patients engaged and interested in their smile. Patients can give feedback and have more trust as they are a larger part of the planning process.

This planning experience is recorded on file and can be kept for future needs regarding the patient’s smile goals.


These 3d modeling are designed in specialized dental design software; we use Exocad, and are incredibly flexible to present treatment planning and different angles of the finished result smile. Because they are just files, they can be sent to anybody including the patient. 


Patrick would love to consult with any patient looking for more than standard comprehensive dentistry and that cares about the cosmetic aspect of their restorations.

FREE DSD workflow and POV’s pdf download w/ patient pics

Digital smile design is about

Having fun with the patient

Digital smile design is about

Facially driven treatment planning from the most important view point: the patient

Digital smile design is about

Equipping patients with innovative software and a incredible lab to make the smile they want happen