Switch to modelless all-digital crowns

What are modelless all-digital crowns?

All-digital crowns are modelless because the digital workflow doesn’t require a model to create the final crown. Instead, an intraoral scanner skips this step straight to the mill.
We won’t review much of the digital workflow because we have numerous articles on digital dentistry, such as What is digital dentistry? The important difference in digital crowns is the incredible speed boost of not having to create a model. This saves additional shipping time and the time it takes us to make your patient’s crown.

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Analog vs digital workflow

Traditionally, you rummage around the patient’s mouth with a tray of goo and wait till it hardens so you can peel it off, leaving residue and a horrible pulling feeling, so we can have a replica that we fill with stone and create a model. After the model, we can then get to work on planning the restoration.
We would much rather save your patients this inconvenience if you would learn how to use some software and hold down a button, which can be easily scaled within your business by hiring assistants who learn how to do something much easier and at a much faster pace.

Advantages of modelless all-digital crowns

While I think I went over most of the obvious advantages, in case you’re not convinced yet, here are the rest:

  • Happier patients
  • Less chair time
  • Way less discomfort
  • Less embarrassment
  • Happier business
  • Easier to scale
  • Additional revenue stream for patients who demand digital dentistry
  • Happier you
  • No model to wait for
  • Easier workflow

Have questions about the digital workflow for digital crowns or any part of digital dentistry? Want to learn if modelless crowns are right for you?

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