Why use photogrammetry for all-on-x accuracy?

Why use photogrammetry for all-on-x accuracy?

What is photogrammetry in general

Photogrammetry uses multiple camera angles to capture the distances and angles needed to create a digital model of a 3d object. Examples of real-life use cases include:

  • Land surveyors 
  •  Agriculture
  • Construction and City mapping
  • Aerial photo map services 
  • Waste management

What is photogrammetry in dentistry

Photogrammetry in dentistry is the technology used to get incredibly accurate implants for full-arch restorations by taking relative photos that base themselves on scanning points in the patient’s mouth. These scanning points are sensors that tell the system exactly where the implants are. This works by screwing in the sensors on the final abutment. 

This is helpful so Exocad technicians have an exact implant placement, more precise than intraoral scanners and analog methods as it only captures the implant placement, no gum or tissue. 

Our technicians use this digital rendering to adjust the position and angle of previous intraoral scanning models to get the best of both worlds for final restoration fabrication, the mouth structure of intraoral scanning, and the implant accuracy of photogrammetry. This all allows for a passive placement and as little stress on the implants as possible, which increases success rates.

This means you can avoid analog impressions for the most part, and verification jigs are needed in fewer cases.

                                                      The difference between photogrammetry and intraoral scanning 

While intraoral scanners take thousands of pictures per second (Read this digital dentistry blog) and stitch each new picture off the old one, photogrammetry takes a few photos from different angles around a main subject. And because in implant dentistry you can use a specialized sensor that hardly moves in the patient’s mouth, dentistry is an amazing candidate for photogrammetry. 

Intraoral scanning has more general use cases; like single unit or bridge restorations, while photogrammetry is much more specialized in full arch implant cases like all-on-x.

If you want to learn more about the Northstar Dental Studio photogrammetry workflow, contact us at 651-457-5380 or northstardentalstudio@gmail.com


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