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Why Ozone Trays are something to try for your patients in 2025

Summary What is ozone Non-dental uses Dental uses you might already use Ozone for ozone

Why use photogrammetry for all-on-x accuracy?

Why use photogrammetry for all-on-x accuracy? What is photogrammetry in general Photogrammetry uses multiple camera

Why use guided surgery

Summary In this blog, we will go over What is guided surgery Why use it

Switch to modelless all-digital crowns

What are modelless all-digital crowns? All-digital crowns are modelless because the digital workflow doesn’t require

What are digital implants?

Summary Ancient Implants The 1700s ad 1800s The 1900s Modern-Day Leading up to Digital Implants

Why not using digital dentistry is weighing down your practice

Summary – Definition and Origin – Impression Methods – Primary Impressions – Final Impressions –