Our Team

Team Ethics, Expectations of Professionalism, and Communication You Can Expect with Northstar Dental Studio

Dentistry and Dental Lab is stressful, and it is our goal to ultimately have very open lines of communication within the restorative team. Clinician, Specialist, Lab Technician, and Patient. We all play an integral part in the restorative process and can not function to our fullest potential working alone or under assumptions.


Treat others as you would like to be treated. All communication and teamwork hang on this.

Professionalism and Timely Feedback– When communicating something important, be as constructive as possible, offer solutions, and be courteous. We live off feedback to improve the results to you and your patient. Through openly giving constructive feedback we grow together.

Meeting Expectations – This could be the most critical of all aspects in Restorative Dentistry communication because everyone has different expectations. If we as the restorative team do not know what is expected from all members of the team how can we deliver an acceptable result?

In light of this, the more complex the case, or the higher the expectations, the more information we should gather. Whether it’s DSLR photographs, CT scans, or in-person meetings/consultations.

For large restorative cases and high aesthetic expectation cases we should always know the answer to the questions “What are the expectations?”, and “What are the limitations?” before we begin the restorative process. If not, we need to gather more information or do diagnostic work by asking the patient questions, digital diagnostics, or clinical temporization.

Ethics – We do the best job we can because we understand our job impacts individuals’ lives and health. We will never recommend treatment that compromises our ability to have a clear conscience.