We specialize in serving your individual needs and meeting your expectations.

Northstar Dental Studio is an implant and prosthetic manufacturing dental laboratory, dedicated to the future of digital and cosmetic dentistry. Since 1976, our team has strived to exceed clinician and patient expectations through communication, mastery of dental ceramics, and meticulous attention to detail.

Over the past four decades, we’ve continuously brought our practice into the future – embracing the power of digital design, digital impressions, and new materials. Northstar Dental Studio also partners with industry leaders for guided surgery, implant components, and restorative materials always providing you and your clients with the best.

We value esthetics and quality equally – we want your patients to look and feel amazing for years to come.

Located in South St. Paul, Minnesota, Northstar Dental Studio works with dental offices in the midwest and across the nation to provide the best and latest in analog and digital dentistry.

Our History

In 1976 Kyle and Betsy met at 916 Vocational School, they were married the next year and each worked at different dental labs. A short time later Kyle was offered a job to be an ” in house” lab technician for a local dentist. He accepted and built a small lab inside the Dr’s office. This gave him the opportunity to see what it was like to run a small business/lab and he quickly saw the advantage of being an owner himself.

They bought equipment and made a lab in the basement of the small house they rented along the Mississippi river, while still working their regular jobs. And that is where the original name came from…two very young dental lab tech’s not knowing where the future would take them and of course what the internet even was or would be! In the 1980’s they struck out on their own, renting space in South Saint Paul. Then in 1995 a building came for sale not to far away which they purchased and took a year to remodel the inside only. Ten years later an upstairs was added along with the exterior up-dated.

Most important is they had four boys, now men, who decided to follow them in the same career. Helping the lab to transition through all the very technical changes and making it what it is today. Attention to detail and quality has always been the standard. That is still true today, with Doctor’s who have sent their cases to the lab for 35 years now retiring and the new generation takes over a legacy built on hard work and caring about the patient.